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For your loved ones who are concerned about limiting their environmental footprint: A good electronic device is an indestructible device. We advise against offering low-end models as they tend to be less robust and we are tempted to replace them more quickly, especially as they easily cost more to repair than their residual value.

Here are five devices that will stand the test of time better than many competitors. Models that are also highly recommended according to our tests or those from specialist media such as NotebookCheck, Les Numériques, Wirecutter or Photo Responses.

Fairphone 5 (700 euros)


This is the first smartphone from the Dutch manufacturer that does not have any major defects. Above all, it is a mobile phone designed to last: the housing is robust, the individual parts can be disassembled and replaced by DIY enthusiasts, and the manufacturer promises software updates for eight years.

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The Fairphone 5 is really better equipped for long-term testing than its competitors, which makes up for the high price for a mid-range mobile phone. Many recycled materials are used in the production and some of the workers who work for the Dutch company receive bonuses for this. This mobile shows the way to responsible electronics.

Asus Zenbook 14 Oled (800 euros)

Five electronic and sustainable Christmas gifts – Le Monde ASUS

It’s a very good laptop that comes with serious durability guarantees as a bonus. Its processor is powerful enough to last for years, and its memory is large enough (512 GB) not to saturate too quickly. Its metal casing protects it better from impacts than the “all-plastic” design of some competitors. Its internal components are quite easy to replace and its repairability index is particularly high (8.1/10). Additionally, Asus is the second-best ranked PC maker in Fnac’s barometer of longest-lasting computer brands. A valuable indicator based on the brand’s customer service statistics.

Canon EOS R50 (800 euros)

1700776992 603 Five electronic and sustainable Christmas gifts – Le Monde CANON

If you want to give a camera as a gift, the choice has become smaller in recent years. Compact devices are becoming increasingly rare and are competing with the growing quality of smartphones. SLR cameras, whose viewfinder shows exactly what the lens “sees” thanks to a series of mirrors, are on the decline. The big manufacturers no longer design them and prefer to concentrate their innovations on hybrid models with digital viewfinders. If we look to the future, we will be forced to choose this type of camera even if the lenses are expensive.

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