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With two media days, the major electronics trade fair CES (Consumer Electronic Show) is the first major event of the year in North America. Nearly 130,000 people are expected at the Las Vegas Convention Center between January 9th and 12th.


Nvidia’s RTX 4070 Super and RTX 4080 Super graphics cards could hit the market in early 2024. Analyst Kopite7kimi claims that Nvidia’s RTX40 series super cards will be shown at CES in January 2024, according to VideoCardz. Kopite7kimi’s track record is considered reliable when it comes to Nvidia hardware.


The same super RTX 40 series graphics cards are also expected to have a higher memory bus than the existing 4080/4070 cards. The RTX 4080 Super is expected to come with a 320-bit memory bus, while the RTX 4070 Super could launch with a 256-bit memory bus.

Although these are rumors, the last RTX Super cards were from 2019 with the 20 series.

Mobile generative AI

As we described in November with Humane AI Pin’s amazing little device, mobile artificial intelligence will be the focus of CES.

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According to Cristiano Amon, CEO and President of Qualcomm (maker of Snapdragon chips), “We are entering the era of generative AI, and mobile generative AI has the potential to profoundly change the way we interact with our devices “The pervasive and continuous use of AI on device will transform our user experience, making it more natural, intuitive, relevant and personal, with greater immediacy, privacy and security.”

Even more advanced televisions

In the TV sector we expect brighter DELo (OLED) models. Manufacturers will release the new 8K screens, which will undoubtedly be equipped with the famous microLED matrices and will probably have even larger screen sizes.

Electric cars

At last year’s CES, Sony surprised everyone by introducing the Afeela, an electric sedan. The consumer electronics giant, which is looking at the EV market as a new niche to secure its future, could well release a second new prototype. When it comes to consumer electronics, Sony recently launched its PS5 Slim console and PlayStation Portal controller, so it’s hard to expect anything truly new.

Here's what CES 2024 has in store for us soon

The Afeela electric car ——- Sony


Since AMD recently announced its Ryzen 8000 mobile processor, the Ryzen 9 8945HS, we expect many laptops to feature this new chip. With the AMD Z1 and Z1 Extreme laptop chips powering devices like the Asus ROG Ally and Lenovo Legion Go, there will also be a ton of third-party portable gaming-related products at CES 2024.

Samsung and LG

Samsung, for example, will likely return to CES this year to showcase its latest innovations in QD-OLED TVs. The Samsung S95C OLED is one of the best TVs of 2023, so there will undoubtedly be a sequel at CES 2024. We might even get a taste of the Galaxy S24 phone, which is rumored to launch on January 17th.

LG will also likely introduce its successors to the LG C3 OLED and LG G3 OLED – probably called LG C4 OLED and G4 OLED…

Overall, CES 2024 will also focus on the latest automotive technologies, digital health, gaming, NFTs, smart homes and more. Of course, major electronics manufacturers will, as usual, introduce new televisions, laptops and other technical devices.

CES 2024 nominations

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® announced the winners of the 2024 CES Innovation Awards last November – including 36 products named Best Innovation of the year. The CES Innovation Awards is an annual competition that recognizes outstanding design and engineering of consumer technology products across 29 product categories. The open-to-all program received more than 3,000 submissions, a record and a 40% increase compared to CES 2023.

Each year, an independent jury of industry experts, including media representatives, designers and engineers, review and evaluate entries based on innovation, functionality, aesthetics and design. Whoever performs best in all categories receives the “Best of Innovation” award.

For the CES 2024 program, the two largest categories in terms of number of submissions were “Digital Health” and “Sustainability, Ecodesign and Smart Energy.”

The winners in the “Best of Innovation” category for 2024 are:

  • AirFarm, Company: Midbar Co., Ltd. Product category: Human security for all
  • AirJet®Mini – Active Solid State Cooling Chip for Electronic Devices – Company: Frore Systems – Product Category: Embedded Technologies
  • AVEIRTM Lead-Free Dual Chamber Pacing System – Company: Abbott – Product Category: Digital Health

Here's what CES 2024 has in store for us soon

  • Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones – Company: Bose – Product Category: Headphones and Personal Audio

Here's what CES 2024 has in store for us soon

  • FINTIN V1: The Most Accessible Qwerty Communicator – Company: ONECOM.CO.,LTD. – Product category: Mobile devices, accessories and applications
  • Firearm detection system – Company: Bosch – Product category: Artificial intelligence
  • Hestia – Company: VAONIS – Product category: Digital image processing/photography

Here's what CES 2024 has in store for us soon

  • Honda Motocompacto – Company: Honda – Product category: Vehicle technology and advanced mobility

Here's what CES 2024 has in store for us soon

Here's what CES 2024 has in store for us soon

  • HP Specter Fold – Company: HP Inc. – Product Category: Computer Hardware and Components

Here's what CES 2024 has in store for us soon

A large foldable screen coupled with an HP computer keyboard

Here's what CES 2024 has in store for us soon

The screen is not only foldable, but also a touchscreen ———- HP

  • IINK – 4D Food Printing System for Food of the Future – Company: Top Table Inc. – Product Category: Food and Agricultural Technology
  • Interactive Transparent Window – Company: AUO Corporation – Product Category: In-Car Entertainment
  • ITX181225 – Company: I-TEN SA – Product category: Sustainability, eco-design and smart energy
  • JBL Authentics 500 – Company: Harman International Corp – Product Category: Headphones and Personal Audio
  • Mark 7D – Company: Co. Ltd. – Product category: Accessibility and aging technology
  • Hybrid MEMS micromotor for electronics – Company: SILMACH – Product category: Embedded technologies
  • Motionsleep – Company: 10minds co. GmbH. – Product category: Smart Home
  • NAD M66 – Company: NAD Electronics – Product Category: Audio/Video Components and Accessories
  • Phantom – Company: Afference – Product category: XR technologies and accessories
  • RoWokTM by SJW Robotics – Company: SJW Robotics (Appetronix) – Product category: Robotics
  • Canvas Seller – Company: STUDIO LAB – Product Category: Artificial Intelligence
  • Sevvy Smart Cooker – Company: Sevvy BV Product category: Household appliances
  • Silk Charge&Go IX – Company: WS Audiology – Product Category: Wearable Technologies
  • SQPV Glass – Company: inQs Co, Ltd. – Product category: Smart Cities
  • Trip.PASS – Mobile Passport Platform – Company: Lordsystem – Product Category: Financial Technologies
  • Venu® 3 – Company: Garmin – Product Category: Sports and Fitness
  • WILLCOOK – Company: WILLTEX.CO.,LTD. – Product category: household appliances
  • zkVoting: Blockchain-powered voting at the polling station – Company: Zkrypto Inc. – Product category: Cybersecurity and data protection