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The expansion leverages the talent pool and funding opportunities in Canada

LA HONDA, Calif., Oct. 11, 2023 /CNW/ – Les Conversions Implicites, a young technology company known for its expertise in high-quality emulation of classic and retro games for PS4 and PS5, announced the opening of a new office in Canada. This is a strategic expansion that represents an important step in the company’s mission to revive the treasured memories associated with video games. This expansion positions the company at the heart of Canada’s rapidly evolving technology ecosystem thanks to its headquarters in the city of Montreal.

Robin Lavalle, CEO of Les Conversions Implicites, originally from Quebec, expressed excitement about the expansion, saying, “Canada offers several great opportunities for video games.” Talent abounds there, and this is my way of thinking about the place I grew up paying homage.

Led by Bill Litshauer, President of Implicit Conversions Inc./Les Conversions Implicites au Canada, the company is committed to preserving the history of video games and allowing people to rediscover the games they once loved, but which are no longer accessible due to outdated consoles.

Mr. Litschauer emphasized the company’s commitment to game preservation saying, “We want gamers to be able to return to the nostalgia of their youth and rediscover their favorite games.” At the same time, we also want to make these classics accessible to today’s customers use modern consoles.

Implicit Conversions has released a number of classic and retro games including ResidentEvil, TheLegend of Dragoon, ValkyrieProfile, ApeEscape, TwistedMetal and over 40 other titles. Thanks to its Syrup emulation engine, a variety of games related to old consoles such as NES, SNES, NeoGeo, Sega Genesis and others are on the horizon.

To learn more about the company’s mission to revitalize classic games through emulation, visit implicitconversions.ca.

About ImplicitConversionsInc.

Implicit Conversions/Les Conversions Implicites specializes in high-quality emulation of classic and retro games, giving gamers the opportunity to play their favorite classics on modern consoles. Les Conversions Implicites is dedicated to preserving gaming history, combining cutting-edge technology and passion for gaming to bring unforgettable classics back to life. To date, the company has shipped more than 50 PlayStation 1 and PlayStation Portable games.

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