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After successfully completing the crowdfunding campaign, galae is entering the deep end of the fashion industry GOODTECH. The Ethical Email Service intends to provide standard and interoperable email through a service based 100% on open source and self-hosted technologies. Presentation and price.

The gala email is borne by the company algoo, French player in the field of free software since 2015, independent of any financial investor. His managers decided to introduce an email service standard compliantrely solely on it free software and obvious data friendly User.

The aim of the project was to raise €3,000 Crowdfunding campaign started last spring. Ultimately, he raised just over €5,500 or 185% of his goals on Ulule. Next goal: reach €6,000.

The GALAE project

The idea behind the gala is to offer a Service is billed per use (storage, shipping volume, professional services) with standard features (IMAP, POP3 filter SIEVE, CalDAV, CardDAV) and only free software (SoGO, Dovecot Rspamd, Solr, MailCow).

The offer underlines its sovereignty: infrastructure in France, compliance with the GDPR, possibility (in the medium term) for self-hosting. Target group: those looking for an alternative to Gmail, Google WorkSpace, Microsoft365 and IBM.

Email Ethics Gala Introduction Operations and Pricing – GoodTech Info

At launch, the service is initially aimed at email address managers who are looking for one more ethical solution and better adapted to its use. These are typically people in clubs, companies and organizations, but also individuals or self-employed people who use their own domain name.

Introducing the Galae service

The service launches today on the official website.

What is suggested:

  • A row ofEmail address on a specific domain name, compliant with standards
  • Support DKIM, SPF and DMARC
  • You interact with your emails, address books and calendars via Standard protocols IMAP, POP3, CalDAV and CardDAV
  • interface SOGo webmail
  • Of SIEVE filterAliases, fine management of quotas
  • Exclusively localized infrastructure In France
  • respect for GDPR (Support from the specialist company Cosipé)
  • Iredundant hardware infrastructure to ensure the sustainability of your data.
  • Data is backed up externally (also redundant backups).

Galae: How much does it cost?

The formulas start at €20 excluding VAT for 1 year or €35 for 2 years with 35 messages per day and 5 GB storage space. Expect to pay €80 excl. VAT per year for 100 messages per day and 30GB. A telephone support service is also available as an option.

Galae price list (ethical email in France)

First you need to place an online order form (details in this PDF file). It is currently not possible to order your accommodation online. Processing is done manually.

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