Dyson headphones promise to filter the air you breathe, but are they worth it? – Yahoo News

The hardest thing is explaining to people that you're not Thomas Bangalter... |  Photo credit: Dyson

The hardest thing is explaining to people that you’re not Thomas Bangalter… | Photo credit: Dyson

In the Dyson family, you’re probably familiar with pet hair vacuums, futuristic fans, hair dryers that make Disney princess curls, or even blue light hand dryers in bar restrooms. But have you ever heard of headphones that also act as air purifiers? Launched in France in June 2023, the English household appliance brand’s very first headset impresses with its cyberpunk look caused by its air purifying visor, but also with its price: between 899 euros and 959 euros depending on the model, so two to three times more than an excellent headset with active noise cancellation. Enough to make us want to test the beast and find out if it’s worth breaking the bank.

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Robust carrying case that can be transformed into a shoulder bag thanks to the removable strap, velvet pouch to protect the headset, woven charging cable, visor cleaning brush… The first impression when opening the Dyson Zone-Box ™ Absolute+ is that the brand is clearly visible aimed at an audience that is used to beautiful materials and does not live in a 12 m2 attic apartment as everything is rather bulky. In short, a financially well-off audience (did we tell you the price?) and who already has a USB-C wall socket, not included.

Photo credit: Dyson

The helmet itself is much heavier than all other helmets on the market: 585 grams without a visor (and 666 grams with a visor). If you like fruit analogies, it’s the weight of a small melon, with the competition being more in the grapefruit category (250 grams on average).

Therefore, it is in your interest to have strong neck muscles if you plan to wear the helmet for a long period of time…

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