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The devil is in the details! Sometimes even in a cup of coffee or a simple glass of water… Therefore, during your next interview, in addition to the classic questions, it would be good to know certain tips that are popular with certain recruiters. Far from being trivial, these methods test and test the personality of a potential future employee. The result can be debilitating. The former managing director of a large Australian company revealed this in an interview.

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At a time when soft skills are increasingly valued in recruiting processes, some companies are resorting to rather surprising tactics. And it’s a good practice to know them to have all the chances on your side! This is the case, for example, with the “coffee cup test”.

If you have a job interview and the person who greets you offers you a coffee, be careful… Because this offer could not reassure you but, on the contrary, test you. Yes, it could be that the recruiter takes inspiration from the coffee cup test or, in French, the “coffee cup test”. This method was invented by Australian Trent Innes, former managing director of Xero Australia. The principle ? Observe the candidate’s reaction after the interview. If the person shows a desire to get rid of their cup, they receive points. However, if she leaves it lying around on the desk, that might well be unacceptable in the recruiter’s eyes.

Test a candidate’s initiative

Although it may seem trivial at first glance, this method would have helped the Australian boss on several occasions to make his decision to retain (or reject) the applications he received. And it’s not hard to understand why: from Trent Innes’ perspective, winning his home trophy shows initiative and team spirit, as well as a strong ability to quickly adapt to the corporate culture. “We can develop skills, we can acquire knowledge and experience, but it’s really a question of attitude,” emphasizes the latter in an interview with The Mirror newspaper.

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A lesson to remember when you’re offered a coffee or a glass of water at your next job interview. Because while it may seem natural to some to ask where they can wash their cup (or throw away their paper cup), others will hesitate to do so or not pay attention at all. However, this could backfire if the person conducting the interview decides to put the coffee cup test into practice…

The coffee cup trick is not an isolated case: other tests that focus on the socio-emotional qualities of candidates are also being discussed. For example, the “receptionist test,” where the person in charge of recruiting takes on the role of a receptionist to interact with the candidate before the formal interview. If he acts rudely and contemptuously, he gets off to a very bad start, which can even end fatally!