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Science often produces very beautiful photos, whether they are taken under the eye of a microscope, a satellite, or simply with a simple drone or camera. This year, the famous Nature magazine reveals to us a selection of the most beautiful and impressive science images of 2023.

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Images are indispensable in science. If their primary purpose is to document observations and testify to a discovery, their influence extends far beyond the mere scientific community. A source of amazement and sometimes shock, scientific images demonstrate the enormous diversity of the natural world, its complexity and the impact we humans can have on it. Here are some of the most beautiful science images of this 2023, compiled by Nature magazine.

The climate emergency

This year, climate change was once again the focus of scientific research and our daily lives. Devastating forest fires in Canada, extreme floods in various parts of the world, dramatic droughts… To illustrate this theme, photographer Thomas Vijayan chose the early melting of the Arctic ice cap on the island of Nordaustlandet. A photo as beautiful as it is meaningful, which won the prize in the Nature category of the Drone Photo Awards 2023.

This biodiversity that we know so little about

Proof that terrestrial biodiversity still holds many secrets: this new species of flying gecko Gekko mizoramensis, photographed here by Lal Muansanga, was discovered in northeast India this year.

On the trail of the origins of life

The origin of life is still a hot topic. To understand the development of multicellular organisms, researchers created yeast cells and observed their development into branched clusters, resulting in this magnificent photo taken under a microscope.

The strange world of the microscopic

Under the microscope, certain everyday objects or substances appear completely different to us. Here’s a great example with this image taken under a polarized light microscope of crystallized sugar syrup! This from Dr. The photo taken by Diego García was unveiled during the Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition 2023.

In the face of the fire of the sun

Astrophotographer Eduardo Schaberger Poupeau lets us leave the earth and turn our gaze to the sun. An impressive photo, winner of the “Our Sun” category in the “Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2023” competition, which uses this question mark to illustrate the secrets that our star still holds.


All year round, the James Webb Telescope delights us with images from space, each more impressive than the last.

Here the star nursery of the Rho-Ophiuchi molecular cloud is revealed to us.