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News JVTech “Difficulty accessing the Wi-Fi network”: The latest Windows 11 update is causing major connection problems for some users

Published on December 19, 2023 at 3:50 p.m


A complicated end of the year for Windows 11

The current Windows 11 update, named KB5033375 and dated December 2023, is said to be an essential security update to fix several bugs. However, This is proving to be a real nightmare for some universities and SMEs as they have been reporting faulty Wi-Fi connections for several days after installing this update.

The Windows Latest website, which has had access to several reports, notes that this update could disrupt Wi-Fi connections and reduce speeds. especially in configurations with multiple access points, which is the norm at universities. Although Microsoft has not yet officially responded, users point out that the issue was already discovered in a previous optional update (KB5032288). It therefore appears that the bug affects at least two December updates: KB5033375 (mandatory security update) and KB5032288 (optional update)..

Incompatibility with certain WiFi adapters

Some suspect the issue primarily affects older Qualcomm Wi-Fi adapters commonly used in higher education institutions. Evidence from the University of New Haven and Brunel University London confirms this This update makes it difficult or impossible to connect to wireless networks.

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Difficulty accessing Wi Fi network Latest Windows 11 update causes major

The first setup warns that “a recent Windows update released on 12/12/2023 prevented users from connecting to wireless networks.” This update is known as KB5033375. » While the second explains: “If you have a laptop with Windows 10 or 11 and have recently downloaded an update from Microsoft, you may have difficulty accessing the campus Wi-Fi network.” »

Even a university system administrator assumes this The issue could be specifically related to an incompatibility between the Qualcomm QCA61x4a WiFi adapter and Windows Update. However, it appears that this bug also affects the Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol (PEAP) settings in Windows, which have been disrupted by recent updates. Besides, This December 2023 update is the last update of the year for Windows 11 and is particularly significantespecially for everything that has to do with improvements to the copilot assistant.

In more detail, this update aims to improve the Copilot experience on desktop by supporting multiple screens, providing users with more flexibility. But unfortunately for the American giant and its operating system, These benefits are currently overshadowed by many users’ Wi-Fi problems. And it is also annoying for the latter who are confronted with it a dilemma between the benefits of Copilot and the stability of their WiFi connectionas we wait for Microsoft to provide a solution to this ongoing problem.