Diablo IV, Warcraft, Overwatch… The announcements from BlizzCon 2023 – Le Figaro

By Emma Confrere

Published 7 minutes ago, now updated

On Diablo IV, which released last June, players now have access to a new expansion for the game: Vessel of Hatred. Emma brother.

After three years of absence, Blizzard is restarting its flagship event in Anaheim, BlizzCon, with many new features for its video game fans.

From our special correspondent in Anaheim, California.

Fans have been waiting impatiently, video game publisher Blizzard is back with new announcements. After a three-year absence, he is restarting his annual event: BlizzCon. For two days, thousands of fans will stroll through the hallways of the Convention Center in Anaheim, near Los Angeles. The audience gathered in front of the main stage is hanging on the Blizzard representatives’ every word. Publisher President Mike Ybarra introduces this new edition. He announces a mysterious guest who is none other than Phil Spencer, head of video games at Microsoft. If this is his first BlizzCon, his arrival is symbolic, just weeks after confirming the IT giant’s acquisition of Activision.

The conference then continues with representatives from the Overwatch game revealing a 39th character available to players: Mauga. On one of the publisher’s flagship licenses, Diablo IV, released last June, players now have access to a new expansion to the game: Vessel of Hatred. The room is now shaking with the announcements about Warcraft, one of Blizzard’s oldest licenses. For Warcraft general manager John Hight, “today is a great day” for the video game. In doing so, he confirms that a new chapter will be opened for the next thirty years.

Three new expansions for Warcraft

In World of Warcraft Classic, certain elements will see a revival, such as redesigned bosses or new rewards. The release is scheduled for November 30th. Chris Metzen, Executive Creative Director of World of Warcraft, now takes the stage to an enthusiastic audience. He announces the Worldsoul saga, which will span several expansions “over the next few years.” Instead of just one usual expansion announcement, Chris Metzen announces three: The War Within, Midnight and The Last Titan.

These announcements were highly anticipated by fans after Microsoft’s acquisition of Blizzard was announced. This $69 billion marriage will allow the video game publisher to begin a new era after complicated years. The company had failed to capture players’ enthusiasm for these latest games and was largely accused of turning a blind eye to sexual harassment within the group. This opens a new chapter for Microsoft and Blizzard that promises many new developments in the field of video games.