Diablo 4 is free on Steam for a week, it’s time to dive into hell – Phonandroid

Steam is organizing an extraordinary promotion this week for everyone who hesitated before the launch of Diablo 4. The game can be tested for free up to level 20 until November 28th. If you’ve always wanted to test the game without finding a good reason to start, here it is.

Steam is crazy today. On the occasion of Black Friday, special offers are raining down in all directions and undermining the will of players who want to protect their wallets. There are many interesting offers, but there is one that will surely attract many players. Especially those who have been following Diablo 4 from afar for a while.

A quick reminder of the facts for those who missed an important moment in Blizzard games. We’re not talking about Activision’s acquisition of the company, but rather the distribution of Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 on Steam after years of Blizzard games being limited to the Battle.net launcher. Result: These titles are also entitled to their own Steam promotions, and in a very nice way.

Don’t miss the Diablo 4 free trial on Steam

Starting today, Diablo 4 can be downloaded for free on Steam. Of course, you shouldn’t expect to get the entire game for free either. Rather, it is a time-limited negotiation that ends on November 28th. For a week, you can freely move around the game’s dungeons without having to pay a cent.

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Be careful though, your progress will also be limited as you won’t be able to go past level 20. This point is very unfortunate since we can assume that it will take around 8 hours of play to reach this level. However, keep in mind that this is an opportunity to test out different classes offered in the title, allowing you to choose a playstyle that suits you.

To date, Diablo 4 has already attracted more than 10 million players. It is also available for Xbox Series and PS4/PS5.