Deep Rock Galactic: Rogue Core: A spin-off in preparation – NoFrag – NoFrag

We’ve talked a lot about Deep Rock Galactic at NoFrag and are talking about it again today. On Steam we learned of the announcement of Rogue Core, a spin-off that brings a ton of new features. Word spreads throughout the galaxy that a new ore of inestimable value is available: expenite. It’s up to you, a space miner dwarf, to go there alone or in co-op mode and face the danger of a drilling that doesn’t go as planned.

According to the Steam data sheet, this game would turn into rogue-lite. Each game would therefore be a unique experience where you would have to choose your skills and equipment strategically. During the adventure, you should progress in secondary missions, such as in your ship to upgrade your equipment and collect new weapons.

A small special feature of this announcement: It is published at the very beginning of the development phase. There is therefore no release date for the game. The goal is open development that takes your opinion as a player into account. You should find more information about this, especially on the developer studio’s Twitter account. Ghost Skip Games. You can also check out the game’s Steam page.