CSI 2* Lier: Niels Bruynseels ensures a response in Brabançonne – GRANDPRIX INFO

Seventy couples met this afternoon at the Flemish circuit of Lier in Belgium for a 2-star Grand Prix in which no fewer than eighteen nations took part. The Belgian Niels Bruynseels, who first completed a flawless course and then a perfect jump-off in 40.52 seconds, won at home in front of eleven other jump-off competitors and gave his young mare Nauwsika his first victory in an international Grand Prix Transporter from Pereboom. His compatriot Thibeau Spits took second place with his stallion Impress-K Van ‘T Kattenheye ahead of the Ukrainian Oleksandr Prodan and Moneymaker Van’T Meulenhof.

The Norman Tony Hanquinquant and his gelding Caynen of the Lowlands, who were flawless in the first round and was penalized with four points in the jump-off, achieved the best French performance with eleventh place. Michael Schlicklin and Dylan Ringot each made a mistake, as did Capucine du Marais and Oakley Ter Wijnen. Also at the start, Robinson Maupiler and Agathe Martin with Jicera DS and Chacelle were penalized with sixteen points, while Marc-Antoine Deroite and Fenomen du Cambresis finished their course with twenty points.

The results

The CSI 2* events in Lierre can be (re)watched on ClipMyHorse.tv