Copilot is available as an app for Android – 20 minutes

Known just a few weeks ago under the name Chat Bing, Copilot is emancipating itself. In fact, with complete discretion, Microsoft has also made its chatbot, based on OpenAI’s famous ChatGPT, available on Android phones in the form of a standalone app. Enough to give it an edge over Google competitor Bard, which is only available via a web browser. The conversation assistant app, downloadable for free on the Play Store, is not yet available on the Apple App Store unless it is integrated into the Bing search engine app for the iPhone’s iOS system. Already integrated into the Bing search engine, the Edge browser, the Windows 11 system or even the Microsoft 365 suite, Copilot has just received new functionality that allows it to compose songs.

Regardless of whether or not to use the GPT-4 language model with advanced features, the Copilot app allows users to ask the AI ​​questions using the virtual keyboard or microphone, or ask it to summarize or generate texts, among other things. It also offers the ability to generate images by leveraging the capabilities of the DALL-E 3 AI. In this case, it is necessary to connect to your Microsoft account to get longer answers to the questions.

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