CoD Modern Warfare III: 16 cult cards return in multimode (trailer) – Journal du geek

Like every year, there are two video game releases that never miss the mark. Last September, FIFA said goodbye, but left room for its successor for many years: EA Sports FC. Logically, it’s Call of Duty’s turn to star. Activision revealed the existence of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III last August, a logical continuation of the reboot of the cult sections that the studio has been carrying out since 2019. This one has to make its debut on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series on November 10th. As this deadline approaches, the title is increasing its advertising campaign to mobilize its community.

This Thursday, October 5th, Activision is organizing a COD NEXT Live to learn more about the various upcoming multiplayer modes. As a reminder, the title’s beta phase will begin after this presentation according to the following schedule:

  • 6th–7th October: Early Access for PlayStation players
  • October 8-10: Open Beta on PlayStation
  • October 12th and 13th: Early Access for Xbox and PC players
  • October 14th to 16th: open beta for all platforms

As Activision waits for the celebrations to begin, it has already released a trailer showcasing the key features and some of the upcoming content in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III’s online mode. Here’s what players can expect in tomorrow’s presentation and upcoming betas.

Iconic maps and modes

In this short excerpt of around two minutes, Activision does not fail to provide players with adrenaline and explosions. The trailer is careful not to go into detail in order to create more surprises during tomorrow’s live stream, but it already makes a big promise. 16 iconic cards from the franchise return in this work that promises to be massive. This homage to Call of Duty’s past is sure to delight fans who will quickly make a name for themselves in these iconic territories.

As a reminder, the multiplayer mode of this redesigned MW3 will also include a zombie mode, a real “fan favorite” of the shooting game. Therefore, information about this long-awaited mode, as well as the Warzone transition and Warzone Mobile updates, can be found during the COD NEXT presentation. It will be broadcast on Thursday October 5th at 6pm (French time) on the official YouTube and Twitch channels. In addition, viewers of the presentation can benefit from rewards for MW2 and MW3 if their game accounts are linked and drops are activated.