CIA develops ChatGPT-inspired artificial intelligence to compete with China – Futura

Looking for needles in a haystack, America’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) will soon be equipped with a conversational agent to help its agents, who are inundated with a constant flow of information as part of their missions. Ultimately, this artificial intelligence tool will be deployed and shared with the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and then with the entire American government. As for the chatbot, there is no doubt that its task will be to be as efficient as the Chinese.

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The American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) will soon have its own intelligent conversational agent, directly inspired by ChatGPT, to analyze the mass of public information provided to it as part of its various missions. In particular, their goal is to be able to compete with the cutting-edge technologies of Chinese competitors.

According to Bloomberg, the CIA is therefore developing an artificial intelligence-based tool that will be similar to China’s. Its goal will be to help its analysts process the vast stream of public data available online today to find information useful for their research.

Make the job of CIA agents easier

In particular, this tool will allow American intelligence agents to identify the original source of the information provided to them. In fact, the idea is to “chat” with a chatbot and systematically provide answers or source summaries.

Please note that while this data is available to anyone, the CIA wants to take privacy concerns into account while respecting the law. In addition to the CIA, this tool should also be made available to the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). On the other hand, it will not be accessible to the public or to policymakers.

This project is actually part of a broader campaign to harness the power of artificial intelligence across the U.S. government. Overall, the USA in particular has the ambition to compete with China, which has taken the lead in this area.