Chloé Savard proves that microbiology is cool! – Freedom

The microbiologist publishes colorful photos of her observations under the microscope on her Instagram account Tardibabe. Today she has over 980,000 subscribers. That’s a lot of curious people!

A microbiologist is a scientist who studies tiny organisms that are invisible to the naked eye.

Als: Why did you decide to study bacteria? And to photograph them?

Chloé: I started making observations under the microscope three years ago. At first it was fun, I did it parallel to my microbiology studies. Today I popularize science and try to make the microscopic world accessible to everyone, adults as well as children, scientists and non-scientists.

Have you always dreamed of working in the world of science?

No not at all. When I was young I wanted to be a “rock star”! I started playing drums at age 11 and then went to college to study music. I had to stop for health reasons. So I looked for a plan B. I needed something that I was as passionate about as drumming. I have always been interested in biology. When I was young, I was very curious and wondered about life.

Does everything, everything, everything around us harbor microorganisms?

No matter where we go, we leave traces of bacteria behind. There are certain places where we find more moisture, for example in the bathroom. More mold and bacteria are created.

Your Instagram account is Tardibabe. Where did that come from?

The tardigrade is my favorite microorganism. It is one of the smallest animals on earth. With his big legs and his alien look, I think he’s adorable! Tardigrades can survive in extreme environments where other animals could not survive. They were sent into space, surviving temperatures of over 150 degrees and -200 degrees! Additionally, when they are extremely dehydrated, they become flat like little pancakes. Scientists are really testing their limits.

Chloe Savard proves that microbiology is cool FreedomA tardigrade! (Photo: Wikicommons)

What advice would you like to give to children who, like you, want to discover the small world around them?

Above all, you have to have fun and be curious. If you’re lucky enough to have a microscope, you can observe everything! Don’t be afraid to test.