ChatGPT can now collect online data in real time – La Presse

(New York) The now-famous artificial intelligence (AI) interface called generative ChatGPT can now retrieve data directly from the Internet and collect updated information in real time, its inventor OpenAI announced, a major step for the software.

Posted at 7:48 p.m.


Until now, ChatGPT’s responses to everyday language queries were based on a large database, the most recent being from August 2021.

This thus limited the relevance and completeness of the elements offered by the conversational robot that has been so much talked about since its launch in November.

OpenAI introduced this formula for ChatGPT paying subscribers back in June, but discontinued it after users were able to access theoretically paid content for free on the Internet.

Browse with Bing, the product launched on Wednesday, is also limited to paying subscribers (Plus and Enterprise services), but OpenAI says it will soon be available to all ChatGPT users.

As a partner with OpenAI, Microsoft already offered Bing Chat, an integration of GPT-4, the language model used to develop its Internet search engine ChatGPT, as did Google with its conversational robot Bard.

The open architecture model, which allows the software to access content from various sources on the Internet, poses more risks than using only a single database controlled by the program publisher.

Although ChatGPT provides the sources used for its response, it is more likely to return erroneous content.