Bose upgrades its high-end soundbar to ultra processing – iGeneration

Everything at Bose is currently on Ultra: after headphones and earbuds last month, it’s now the high-end soundbar that’s entitled to this treatment. The manufacturer introduced the Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar, a new product at the top of the product range that replaces the Smart Soundbar 900. Unlike mobile accessories, the name change is not associated with a price increase or a change in the product, so the developments remain limited and we are still announced at € 1,000.

Bose upgrades its high end soundbar to ultra processing – iGeneration

Bose image.

For this price you get a large bar with a length of more than a meter, which Bose recommends pairing with a TV of 55 inches or more. The Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar is still only 6cm high, so it can easily slide under most TVs without getting in the way. It further integrates nine speakers, including two points upwards for Dolby Atmos effects. Nothing changes in terms of connectivity, we still use HDMI eARC to connect the device to the TV, as well as an Ethernet socket or WiFi for AirPlay 2 compatibility, Spotify Connect or even voice assistants, Alexa or Google to choose from.

What is changing is the introduction of a dialogue mode based on AI that promises to increase the volume of voices without removing the other sound effects. This mode is currently exclusive to the Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar; the brand’s other models do not benefit from this. Unless we are mistaken, this is the only innovation announced by the manufacturer, but it is still quite light. If you’re interested in this soundbar, the older version is currently $755, which probably makes it a better choice, at least while the deal is live.

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Like the old model, this new soundbar is available in white, certainly less sensitive to dust. As always, the top is covered with glass (Bose picture).

The Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar is on sale now and Bose promises deliveries as early as October 5th. Amazon also has it in stock, but is quoting deliveries between October 3rd, tomorrow and… December 11th. Suffice to say, it’s probably better to visit the manufacturer’s website if you’re in a hurry.