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In the first days of its Black Friday week, Amazon released an offer for the PS5 Standard. A few hours later it was sold out. Now there is an irresistible promotion for the PS5 Digital Edition.

While Sony has got us used to a PS5 Standard for 549 euros and a PS5 Digital Edition for 499 euros, Amazon’s offers for this Black Friday are confusing us. While the first copy disappeared within a very short time due to a flash sale, the PS5 Digital Edition is the new victim of “Black Friday” on the retailer website.

In this case, you can buy this digital version of the PS5 for only 399 euros instead of 499 euros. Even though the console has been sold out for almost three years, this is really good news. As a “best seller” in the console category on Amazon, it seems to have already been taken by storm and could sell out quickly.

Discover the PS5 offer on Amazon

Remember that the difference that justifies the 100 euros between the PS5 Standard and the PS5 Digital Edition is the Blu-Ray reader. With the PS5 Digital Edition you don’t have one, so you have to buy all video games online from the PlayStation Store. In other words, you cannot resell them afterwards because they are directly linked to your personal account. That said, if this isn’t a problem for you, everything else is the same.

As far as the performance of the two consoles is concerned, they are completely the same. However, this does not apply to Microsoft’s next-gen consoles (Xbox Series X and Series S), where one is significantly less powerful than the other. This is why the Xbox Series X sells very well, while few people are interested in the Series S.

Back to Amazon: you have several advantages if you make this purchase there: firstly, the price, since the PS5 Digital Edition is 20% cheaper than the official price; then the best price guarantee on Black Friday (even if this fell even further, Amazon would refund you the difference) and finally the right of withdrawal until January 31st. If you buy this PS5 for someone but aren’t sure if they like it (or if they already have it), you can always return it after Christmas and get a refund. This saves you from having to resell the box, which can sometimes be painful and time consuming.

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Discover the PS5 offer on Amazon

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