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Have you been waiting impatiently for Black Friday to buy the PS5? You’d do well to be patient as the most popular Sony console on the market is the subject of several promotions during the sale. Even though the standard console alone is no longer in stock (after an initial flash sale that took place on Friday), there are still very interesting bundles with the console and popular games.

Amazon also has packages that include the console and various games – at ridiculously low prices. For example, the PS5 Standard is available with the EA Sports FC24 football game for 499 euros (instead of 629 euros). There is also a bundle with the Sony console and Spiderman 2 for 499 euros. This package with the PS5 and Final Fantasy XVI is finally available for 499 euros.

Check out the PS5 + EA Sports FC 24 deal

Check out the PS5 + Spiderman 2 deal

Check out the PS5 + Final Fantasy XVI deal

With the PS5 now out of stock, picking up the console with a game is your only way to enjoy this Christmas. In any case, you’ll need games to take advantage of the power of Sony’s new console. So you might as well take advantage of it by checking out one of these three flagship games. Also note that Amazon offers you a right of withdrawal until January 31, 2024, which gives you the opportunity to return the product after the holidays (for example, if you gave it as a gift and the recipient doesn’t like it).

PS5, the best console in 2023

Since its launch in November 2020, the PS5 has largely established itself as the most popular gaming console on the market. Due to the Covid health crisis, which directly impacted production, Sony was unable to meet demand and we saw stock shortages at both online resellers and physical stores. Fortunately, the situation has returned to normal and it has been available in most brands for several months.

However, this is the first time the company has claimed such generous discounts, especially on Black Friday. Considered by many experts to be the best home gaming console on the market, it managed to stand out in the eyes of the public from its main competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox Series.

It must be said that the PS5 offers impressive computing power, has an ultra-fast 825 GB SSD and, in addition, supports a variety of technologies designed to improve performance in games (Ray Tracing, VRR, ALLM, etc.). It supports games in 4K natively at 60 FPS and can even deliver 120 FPS for certain titles such as Fortnite, Rocket League, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, Vanguard, Warzone or even the excellent Last Of Us Part 1.

The standard version currently available on Amazon for Black Friday is equipped with the 4K Blu-Ray player and offers the option of purchasing the games in physical form. If you’re used to trading your games, or if you enjoy collecting collector’s editions, this is clearly the standard version you should go for. For its part, the PS5 Digital does not have a disc reader and can only play 100% digital games that must be downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

In terms of performance and technical features, the two models are completely identical. The only difference is in the design and weight – the standard version with Blu-Ray player is a little more impressive and weighs a few grams more on the scales. And that’s it. The console offers an ultra-immersive gaming experience, especially thanks to the DualSense controller, which offers haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, as well as the integration of 3D audio, a microphone and a touchpad.

The PS5 is being offered at an unprecedented price for Black Friday and could be THE perfect gift for Christmas. Amazon is more generous than ever, allowing you to get it for much less money than the rest of the year. Even though Black Friday takes place over several days, from November 17th to 27th, there is no guarantee that it will be on sale again at such low prices. If you want to secure your console and put it under the tree, now is the time to act.

Check out the PS5 + EA Sports FC 24 deal

Check out the PS5 + Spiderman 2 deal

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