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Like every year, Black Friday is finally here and for many of you it is an opportunity to get very good bargains thanks to a wide range of offers and exclusive discounts. And precisely for this Black Friday 2023, Bluetti decides to delight us with numerous promotions for its generators.

With over 10 years of experience in the solar and renewable energy industry, Bluetti is committed to staying true to its vision of a sustainable future through green energy storage solutions for the interior and exterior of your home, while providing an exceptional eco-friendly experience for everyone.

As electricity prices continue to rise in France, these Black Friday 2023 offers from Bluetti could be an excellent way to save money when purchasing your generator, but also in the long term by reducing your electricity bill.

Take part in Bluetti’s Black Friday pre-sale from now until November 23rd and benefit from up to 25% off your purchases. Meanwhile, the official Black Friday sale starts on November 24th and offers tons of lightning deals that you won’t want to miss. A quick overview of what to expect.

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Bluetti AC180, the 1800W portable electric station

Bluetti Ac 180© Bluetti

The first offer concerns the Bluetti AC180 portable energy station, which will be offered on Black Friday for 899 euros instead of 1099 euros. This represents a very nice offer of -19% with a saving of 200 euros.

Now benefit from a 1152 watt-hour battery that allows you to generate 1800 watts in standard mode. This portable station also features a “constant power” mode that allows this power to be expanded to 2700 watts for large capacity devices such as a microwave oven or water heater. This makes this mini generator compatible with 99% of all household and electrical appliances. From the smallest devices like smartphones to the most power-hungry devices, it will be possible to power everything, whether at home or outside.

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Bluetti EB70 + PV200

The second product on sale this Black Friday 2023 is the Bluetti EB70 generator, sold with a PV200 solar panel. The price for this kit is 998 euros instead of 1158 euros. This time you can save 160 euros on your purchase (i.e. -14% discount).

With this generator, you get a 1000W inverter and a 716Wh LiFePO4 battery, enough to power your essential devices on the go or during power outages. This EB70 generator supports four charging methods: wall outlet, solar panel, cigarette lighter and generator, and can charge at speeds up to 200W. In this set you also get a PV200 solar panel, ideal for charging your devices with solar energy, giving you significant savings.

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Bluetti AC200 MAX + PV350

With this new Black Friday 2023 offer, we move further upmarket by introducing Bluetti’s first modular and expandable power station: the AC200 MAX power station, sold as a kit with a 350W solar panel. Everything is offered for 2198 euros instead of 2798 euros, a very nice saving of -22% with an immediate discount of 600 euros on your purchase.

This charging station has extremely long-lasting LFP cells with a capacity of 2048 Wh and an inverter
Sinusoidal of 2,200 W. The AC200MAX allows up to 900 W solar input and 500 W via adapter. The advantage is that it is entirely possible to charge your station simultaneously using your socket and your solar panels, giving a total charging power of 1400W. Your power station will be fully charged in less than two hours.

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A second kit is offered around the Bluetti AC200 MAX station, but with an expansion connector that allows the AC200MAX to accommodate up to two Bluetti B230 battery modules (2048 Wh each), the connection of which can increase the total capacity up to 6144 Wh ! The price of this kit is 2598 euros instead of 3299 euros, so you can save no less than 700 euros when purchasing it (i.e. -22% discount).

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Bluetti AC500 + B300S + PV350 solar panel

Finally, for Black Friday, Bluetti also offers you an ultimate package that includes the incredible Bluetti AC500 generator with a B300S expansion connector and a PV350 solar panel, all at the price of 5198 euros instead of 6398 euros, so an exceptional discount of 1200 euros on your purchase, which equates to a whopping 19% discount.

The AC500 and B300S Kit is an expandable power system that will transform the way you consume and use solar energy. This kit is designed to help you overcome power outages and stay connected with unlimited power wherever you are. This AC500 generator can accommodate up to 6 B300S extensions with a total capacity of 12,288 Wh. We might as well tell you that you will have peace of mind all winter long. With this kit you also benefit from a PV350 solar panel.

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Bluetti AC70: the new charging station

Bluetti Ac70 Black Friday© Bluetti

For Black Friday, Bluetti is launching a new product with this AC70 generator. It is just an improved version of the popular EB70 charging station. It offers the same 1,000W output, but with an additional option: “power lifting” mode. This mode offers an impressive 2,000W of power, allowing you to meet larger energy needs. The other quite interesting option is that this new charging station is compatible with fast charging. Restore 80% of your charge in just 45 minutes. Practical.

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Bluetti celebrates Black Friday

Bluetti Black Friday 2023© Bluetti

For Black Friday 2023, Bluetti doesn’t do things by halves. Visit the official website now and discover many interactive activities and exciting rewards. Play the Bluetti Wheel of Fortune today and win amazing prizes like:

  • the EB3A portable power station
  • the PV120 solar panel
  • the Bluetti outdoor gift box
  • Discount vouchers worth €50 and €100
  • Hoods and hats from Bluetti.

With every spin of the reels you have a great chance of winning. A roll requires 500 Bluetti Bucks, a virtual currency that you can earn by purchasing products or participating in activities on the official Bluetti website. Little tip: New users who register on the official Bluetti website will receive 500 Bluetti Bucks 500 to be able to make their first roll. Users already registered on the site will receive a 20 euro voucher.

From November 10th to 23rd, if your spending exceeds the thresholds of 1500 euros, 2000 euros, 2500 euros and 3000 euros, you can receive a Bluetti cap, a cell phone tripod and a multimeter for free
digital or even a handheld vacuum cleaner.

From November 10th to 27th you will receive three times more Bluetti Bucks for every order placed and on November 24th you will receive five times more. This way you can exchange your Bluetti Bucks for vouchers
Bluetti, lifestyle gifts, gift cards and much more.

When you buy from Bluetti, you not only get a great product at a fantastic price, but you also gain access to a seamless shopping experience thanks to Bluetti’s exceptional service, including:

  • A 30-day money back guarantee for quality issues.
  • 2 year warranty + 2 years for the AC200 series for more peace of mind.
  • Free local delivery via an extensive network of local warehouses worldwide.
  • Lifetime customer support, available 24/7, before and after sales.

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