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This Sunday, Amazon continues to lift the veil on new Black Friday specials. Discover our current selection below.

Black Friday on Amazon has been running for 48 hours and stock shortages are being felt. To compensate, the e-commerce champion is renewing some offers in addition to the thousands of bargains that already exist. If you have time, it’s best to take a look at the website. Otherwise, you can read our updated picks for this Sunday below.

The list of good Black Friday deals below on Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac will be updated regularly throughout the day and until the end of Black Friday. The latter takes place from November 17th to 27th, but the risk of breakages is always greater. In the last few hours we have had two major disruptions: the PS5 and Xiaomi’s Poco X5 smartphones.

In order to be transparent with its audience, Amazon announced that it will move almost all Black Friday deals online starting November 17th. It is therefore unlikely that there will be any news until the end of the operation. Above all, the retailer guarantees its customers the best price from day one: If there is a further price reduction on the product by the end of Black Friday, the customer will receive a refund of the difference.

Best price guaranteed on Amazon

If you’re shopping this Sunday, you’ve come to the right place: most items are still in stock and prices are guaranteed to be lowest. You don’t have to wait too long because with every day that passes, your chances of accessing your products decrease. Last year, on Black Friday D-Day (which this year is this Friday, November 24th), there was almost no stock at all.

Amazon has taken a special decision in France to respond to the behavior of the French: it is offering a Black Friday over 10 days in order not to put pressure on them and to give everyone the opportunity to benefit from the discounts. The French don’t like rushing alone to save money on Black Friday; There are no American hectic scenes at the entrance to the shops either.

If Black Friday is closely linked to Amazon, it’s because the retailer exported the tradition from the US to France. However, it is not the only one that is positioning itself at the event: we have also shown the best offers from its counterparts in our selection above. Our Good Deals team selects the best references for you according to their price and the flexibility of the dealer conditions.

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In our selection above you can see that there are numerous and generous discounts in the tech segment. Brands like Sony, Apple, Microsoft and Bose are represented on Amazon – which is not necessarily the case everywhere. On Black Friday we also find more confidential but extremely popular products such as Netatmo or Garmin. The latter two remain among the company’s bestsellers.

Amazon and the promise of Christmas

In France there is a legal requirement that requires online retailers to accept returns (and issue a refund) within 14 days of delivery. If you start from this principle, it is difficult to do Christmas shopping at the time of Black Friday: if you don’t like the product when you offer it for Christmas, you can no longer return it to the retailer since the 14 days are a thing of the past.

However, Amazon is an exception: the site offers returns until January 31, 2024, so you have peace of mind for all your Christmas shopping. This allows you to shop for less on Amazon during Black Friday, give it as a gift for Christmas, and potentially request a refund afterwards. In any case, it is a very strong and reassuring argument that also allows us not to waste time reselling the products (often with a small loss as a result).

On Black Friday, Amazon is already a victim of its success – as with previous editions. So don’t wait to get your hands on the hugely popular end-of-year products. The platform focuses on premium brands with current and often expensive products. So you can save big on PS5 and Xbox consoles, Apple computers and products, or even luxury smartphones like the Samsung or the OnePlus 11. Assuming the stock is still there.

In general, we assume that once the first Black Friday weekend ends, i.e. this Sunday evening, there won’t be much left. After 72 hours of crazy discounts, inventory is already starting to drop significantly. The French went all out on Christmas presents this weekend, so stock shortages are likely to be even greater. If you have time today, it’s better to take action – even if it means getting a refund later.

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