Black Friday 2023 – The Sony DualSense Black game controller "5 Stars" for €49.99 (-29%) – Les Numériques

Affected model

This content is specifically about the model: Black. There are other variants, the prices of which are shown in the tabs of the table below.

The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller is designed for sensory experiences and stands out from the DualShock of previous PlayStations. A sensational controller in many ways.

The DualSense is significantly different in design from the DualShock 4 and has the good taste to retain the basics of its predecessor so as not to bother PlayStation gamers too much. Nevertheless, it brings with it many convincing improvements, which certainly come at the expense of the record lightness of previous Sony controllers, but represent real technological progress. The mention of “haptic” technology is therefore not abusive and the adaptive triggers are as surprising as they are convincing. In short, a success in almost all respects.

Strong points

  • Comfort in handling.
  • Sensations through haptic technology.
  • Adaptive triggers.
  • Manufacturing quality.
  • Good wireless connection and control responsiveness.

Weak points

  • The lightness of the DualShock is no longer present (but remains very correct).
  • Decent battery life, but not fantastic (12 hours maximum).

Note: The reported price drop is calculated by comparing the lowest price of the day with the average of the lowest prices of all retailers in the last month for the product, with safety rules in place to exclude prices from stores whose VAT policy is unclear (so-called “gray ” stores, typically for imports from China).


Because there hasn’t been any significant technological development in the transition to the Xbox Series generation, the Xbox controller remains the excellent game controller we’ve enjoyed on Xbox One and PC for years. Certainly quite tentative, the developments made by Microsoft continue to improve comfort and precision, enough to make this new Xbox Series controller a benchmark in the field. However, we remain dissatisfied with the built-in vibration technologies, which would have benefited from catching up with those that Nintendo and Sony use on their respective official controllers.

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