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For the end-of-year holidays, Boulanger isn’t kidding and is destroying the price of TCL 4K 144 Hz TVs thanks to this refund offer.

If you are looking for a new TV as a Christmas gift to properly invest the money or gift vouchers you received under the Christmas tree, Boulanger is here for you. Take advantage of a discount and refund offer now that will allow you to save 200 euros on the Google TV TCL 4K, bringing it down to 599 euros instead of 799 euros. Now is clearly the time to take advantage.
You can find the refund offer here. After completing and submitting, you will receive a refund via bank transfer to your bank account.

At the moment Boulanger is cracking down and offering you the TCL 4K LED TV for 200 euros. To discover the offer, click here:

I take advantage of the offer

Boulanger offers fast and completely free delivery anywhere in France to the address of your choice. You can also choose delivery and collection, again free of charge, directly from a Boulanger branch near you. Please note that the brand extends its cancellation period until January 31, 2024. After the holidays, you can then return your package with peace of mind if you are not satisfied with your order or your customer is not happy with that gift. RECIPIENT.

This 4K LED TV is backed by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, protecting you from possible reliability issues and damage. Boulanger offers you a two-year extended warranty to give you four years of peace of mind. Among other benefits and options, Boulanger offers delivery and installation of your TV by a professional.

TCL 4K: an excellent Google LED TV at a great price

With this Google 4K LED TV from the TCL brand you will own an excellent television that offers you excellent audio and video characteristics, be it for watching TV, watching your favorite films, series and documentaries or playing video games.

Enjoy a very beautiful 55-inch screen (approx. 139 cm) with a 4K resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. This TV is equipped with a QLED panel made of mini LEDs that allows you to achieve brightness of up to 1,300 nits.

Compatible with the various HDR technologies (HDR10, HDR HLG, HDR10+) and Dolby Vision IQ, this TV offers you the best in images with bright and vivid colors as well as deep contrasts for clear and precise details.

This TCL TV is clearly designed for gamers. Enjoy a refresh rate of up to 144 Hz. Whether on PS5 or Xbox Series X, you can play in 4K and 120 FPS (for compatible games) in the best conditions. To make the gaming experience even more enjoyable, this TV also has four HDMI 2.1 ports that support special gaming technologies such as ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), which automatically switches your TV to a specific gaming mode when you turn on your console. But most importantly, this TCL TV is compatible with VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) technology, which synchronizes the TV’s refresh rate with that of your console to give you a smooth, stutter-free picture.

On the audio side, you benefit from compatibility with Dolby Atmos DTS Virtual-X, virtualization and upmix for very immersive 3D sound effects.

Since it is a Google TV, you can access the Google Play Store and download your favorite applications such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or even Disney+ to access your favorite movies, series and documentaries. You can also download YouTube and Twitch to follow your favorite creators and install Spotify to listen to your best music and radio stations.

At the end of the year, the TCL 4K 144 Hz TV is on sale for just 599 euros instead of 799 euros thanks to a refund offer that you can find here. Now is clearly the time to take advantage so as not to miss out on this crazy offer.

At the moment Boulanger is cracking down and offering you the TCL 4K LED TV for 200 euros. To discover the offer, click here:

I take advantage of the offer

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