Astrophysicist Patrick Michel was awarded the Saint-Tropez Gold Medal – Var-matin

He just received his city’s highest honor. On Sunday, astrophysicist Patrick Michel received the Saint Tropez gold medal. A new award that complements the already established track record.

During the second edition of the Scientific Conferences, Mayor Sylvie Siri decided to congratulate this local child.

In the solar system

“On October 12, Patrick, in agreement with the International Astronomical Union, named an asteroid “Saint-Tropez.” From now on our city is part of the solar system,” said the first judge happily.

“You have already shone at the Lycée du Golfe after passing your high school diploma with distinction. Since then, the city has supported you in your various projects. This medal is the logical next step,” continued Sylvie Siri.

Let Saint-Tropez shine

“It is a real honor because I have always loved my village. That’s why I tried to make it shine in my own way. Above all, it was recognition,” smiles Patrick Michel.

This medal symbolizes the result of thousands of hours of work analyzing the stars. “I didn’t want this asteroid to pose a threat to our planet. That’s why I examined it in detail and its orbit is stable. It is located 450 million kilometers between the planets Mars and Jupiter,” he lists.

The researcher also gave the dimensions of this small rocky body. “It has a diameter of six kilometers, the distance that separates Saint-Tropez from La Foux. “It also rotates very quickly around itself,” explains the person who already has an asteroid in his name.

“I knew the process and decided to use it to add Saint-Tropez to the universe.”

Buzz Aldrin in 2009…

The city has not awarded a gold medal since 2009. Ironically, the final recipient was astronaut Buzz Aldrin. The opportunity for Patrick Michel to bring his name even closer to the stars…