Artificial Intelligence for Business: A Conversation with Jimmy Barens from Yext – Forbes France

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the business world is constantly increasing. In a recent interview with Leaders’ Talk, Jimmy Barens, senior vice president of global sales engineering at Yext, shared his perspective on the growing role of AI in business and how Yext is committed to meeting the changing needs of its customers.

The current AI landscape

The interview begins with a reflection on the current state of AI. According to Jimmy Barens, we are currently experiencing a period of explosion in AI thanks to the solution of a complex equation. Today, the trio of algorithms, data, and AI training costs can finally work together without exorbitant technology costs. This advancement enables the integration of AI into a wide range of use cases: from autonomous vehicles to object recognition to natural language understanding.

Yext and its role in the AI ​​ecosystem

Yext’s mission is to help companies with their digital transformation. It helps brands make their information available across various digital channels, improving the customer experience throughout the journey.

In this context, the role of AI is crucial, it is an integral part of the proposed solutions. Its use can be found in various solutions and services offered to customers. In fact, there is not one AI, but multiple AIs that are deployed together according to the needs and expectations of the customer. This allows customer brands to use AI to contextually understand consumer queries and thus improve the quality of the answers provided. Or use automated support tools to manage customer reviews, generate content, and optimally deliver product and service information.

Yext’s bright future: innovation and expansion through AI

Jimmy Barens also talked about Yext’s upcoming projects. The company is making every effort to open its platform to developers, transforming its solutions into flexible software modules that companies can integrate according to their specific needs.

Another key initiative is the launch of Yext Chat, which uses AI to have richer, contextual conversations with customers. This solution combines OpenAI’s ChatGPT capabilities with Yext Content to ensure high-quality, reliable responses.

Artificial intelligence continues to transform the way companies interact with their customers and manage their operations. Yext is positioning itself as a key player in this space by offering innovative AI-powered solutions to improve online visibility, customer engagement and productivity. With a vision focused on the future, Yext plans to play an even larger role in adopting AI in enterprises.


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