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Tomorrow, front page

Published on: October 27, 2023 – 6:21 p.m

Tomorrow, front page

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In November 2022, the whole world discovered ChatGPT, a conversation robot that went from global hype to a planetary revolution in just a few months. But a year later, some are starting to worry about the impact of this technology. Do robots compete with human brains? Should we be wary of generative AI? Does the technological revolution threaten our economies and our societies? These questions will be the focus of the Global Artificial Intelligence Summit, taking place in the UK on November 1st and 2nd. In this special show we discuss the challenges of AI governance with our guests.

A show prepared by Aziza Nait Sibaha, Dany Laforge, Valentin Berg and Jessica Fahed.

  • Jean-Gabriel GANASCIA, professor at Sorbonne University, specialist in AI

  • Stéphane NACHEZ, Publications Director of ActuIA

  • Guillaume GRALLET, France 24 columnist, high-tech reporter

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