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The base price of the first Apple Watch Ultra, a connected ultra-premium watch for athletes, is very (too?) high for many. The campaigns are therefore very well received. The Apple Watch Ultra is currently on offer on Rue du Commerce for 682 euros instead of 999 euros.

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By unveiling its first Apple Watch Ultra in 2022, the Cupertino company simply presented the highest quality and most powerful connected watch in its catalog. During its last keynote in September, Apple announced the arrival of the successor to its watch designed for athletes, the Apple Watch Ultra 2. However, it is not as successful as the first Ultra Mode, on the contrary: it is still recommended, and that even more so when it is (finally) offered at a cheaper price than when it was released. That is exactly what is happening at the moment.

The advantages of the Apple Watch Ultra

  • A solid and waterproof connected watch
  • A sublime screen
  • An efficient dual-frequency GPS

The Apple Watch Ultra 1 was launched at a price of 999 euros and is currently priced at 682 euros on Rue du Commerce. Please note that the watch is offered by a third party provider.

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Where to buy
Apple Watch Ultra 1 at the best price?

A massive watch that is not for small wrists

It’s hard not to notice: the Apple Watch Ultra is a very impressive watch. Designed for dedicated athletes, but especially for large wrists, this smartwatch is much thicker (1.44 cm) and heavier (61 g) than other Apple Watches. So be careful with small wrists that may not be able to support the massive 49mm case. For others, this first Apple Watch Ultra offers foolproof robustness, thanks in particular to a careful choice of materials: titanium for the case, sapphire for the glass. There is also an IP6X certification for dust, water resistance up to 100 m and even the ability to dive up to 40 m.

For the screen of the Apple Watch Ultra, the Californian giant uses a 1.92-inch LTPO OLED panel whose brightness can be increased to up to 2,000 cd/m². The quality of the poster is simply amazing. There is even a new button on the side of the watch face that is used to activate quick controls, such as workouts. Let’s not forget that the ubiquity of the touchscreen on the Apple Watch Ultra is sometimes inconvenient when exercising, especially when it’s raining or your hands are sweating. Therefore, standard sports watches have multiple physical buttons…

A hyper-precise GPS

The Apple Watch Ultra goes down significantly with its sensor battery to support athletes: blood oxygen level sensor (SpO2), electric heart rate sensor, temperature sensor, but also an altimeter, a depth gauge, a gyroscope… A dual frequency GPS (L1 and L5), also integrated , has remarkable precision and is even measured by the latest Garmin models. We will still regret the lack of integrated mapping and analysis of the data recorded during sports sessions.

Finally, as far as autonomy is concerned, even if the Apple Watch Ultra performs better than the brand’s other connected watches, its endurance is a bit disappointing for a sports watch. In our test, it lasted 3 days and 11 hours with non-sporting use. Without always-on display mode and without energy saving, but with 2 h 13 min GNSS, the Watch Ultra lasts a little more than two days.

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