Apple update: Watch out for this new feature on your iPhone – Le Journal de Montréal

iPhone and Apple Watch owners have had to update in recent days, but now they have to watch out for a new feature that allows the exchange of information between the brand’s devices with a simple touch.

The NameDrop feature is automatically active on devices that have downloaded the iOS 17.1 and watchOS 10.1 updates.

“NameDrop lets you quickly share contact information with a nearby iPhone or Apple Watch,” the company explained on its website. To do this, simply bring the top of the two devices a few centimeters apart.

Several American police forces responded with warnings.

“This feature […] could cause you to unknowingly share your contact information with others,” Longwood Police in Florida said, reminding people that it’s best to only enable NameDrop when you need it.

However, it is important to note that the NameDrop feature requires minimal interaction and does not automatically share contact information. The user who wants to share their contact needs to tap on their details to share.

To disable the functionality, you need to go to Settings, then select “General” and “AirDrop,” then turn off “Merge Devices” sharing mode.

“Remember to change these settings on your child’s phone to ensure their safety as well,” Longwood police also recommended to parents.