Apple Music: The cheapest package disappears, automatic renewal deactivated – Frandroid

Apple Music’s Voice subscription has been quietly removed by Apple. No official reason was given, but some evidence suggests it was for the best.

The Apple Music application on smartphones // Source: Brett Jordan – Unsplash

While all music streaming services tend to increase prices, others are eliminating certain offers. This is the case of Apple Music with its Voice subscription, which is no longer available after two years of good and loyal service.

Apple Music subscription for Siri removed

It was 01net that noticed the change in Apple Music’s price list. One thing is missing from the subscriptions: Voice. If you believe the Wayback Machine, the offer appears to have disappeared on November 1st. Apple confirms this on a Canadian support page.

Apple Music ClassicApple Music Classical // Source: Apple

The company says it is disabling auto-renewal for existing subscribers. You will benefit from Voice until the end of your last billing cycle. A notification will appear on the most recent invoice with further information. Apparently Apple is encouraging them to switch to another plan. For those who had a free trial period, this will continue until it expires. A single billing cycle can then be carried out.

Too many restrictions and too little success?

In December 2021, the idea of ​​​​offering a subscription for 4.99 euros per month emerged: an affordable price but an offer with concessions. Everything then ran via Siri, Apple’s voice assistant. You start songs and playlists with your voice without using the music streaming application.

Apple Music The cheapest package disappears automatic renewal deactivated –The old Apple Music price list // Source: Apple

The limitations were significant: you couldn’t create a playlist or choose the reading order. No spatial sound or lossless quality either. In terms of features, some were missing: There was no access to lyrics and clips. Fortunately, Voice provided access to the application’s entire catalog. Luckily, we didn’t have to cut the music or play the track: the player appeared on our device.