Apple extends free use of the SOS satellite emergency call service for another year – 01net

Apple is extending its free satellite emergency SOS service for iPhone 14 owners by one year, or a total of three years. On the other hand, the manufacturer has not yet announced its plans for the future.

With the launch of the iPhone 14 last year came a new Emergency SOS service, allowing you to contact first responders in areas not covered by a cellular network or Wi-Fi – typically in the middle of the ocean or on top of a mountain! This service was initially offered free of charge in the US and Canada, then expanded to France in December 2022. Since then it has been available in 16 countries.

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Emergency SOS, based on Globalstar satellites, was free for two years after purchasing the smartphone. Apple is therefore extending the free period by one year or three years after activation of the device until November 15, 2023. This only affects iPhone 14 owners; Anyone who bought an iPhone 15 now has two years free.

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Apple has not yet announced what will happen after these free periods of use. Will emergency satellite SOS one day be supported by a paid subscription? Could the service be part of the Apple One package? In any case, the manufacturer has added additional features such as sharing your satellite location in the Locate app to reassure your loved ones or even supporting roadside assistance for American AAA subscribers.

Source: Apple