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As a leader in the technology market, Apple is constantly developing innovative devices whose performance is no longer in doubt. One of his latest innovations? The AirTag, a sophisticated object tracker. As light as it is practical, it fits in your bag, suitcase or any other item and allows you to locate it in the event of loss. Over 87,000 Amazon customers have already impressed the technological gem and rated it 4.7 out of 5 stars. With over 5,000 copies sold last month, the online retailer takes the opportunity to offer a very interesting offer on the set of 4 trackers. AirTags are marketed for 129 euros and offer a 24% discount, bringing them to 97.99 euros. Delivery is free, as is return, which is possible until January 31st.

Keep track of your items with discounted Apple AirTag

The principle of the AirTag is very simple: you just have to attach it to your objects and then configure it on your smartphone with just a few clicks. You can then use it via Bluetooth to locate your nearby items. To make your search easier, the American brand has integrated a speaker with an alarm that can be triggered via your mobile phone or Siri. In the event of theft or loss outside of your home, you can rely on the millions of connected devices that make up Apple’s network. You will receive a notification when your object is found and will be guided to its exact location thanks to Ultra Wideband technology. Your data is safe because it is anonymous and encrypted. Equipped with a CR2032 battery, this tracking device offers a battery life of more than 1 year.

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