Anritsu identifies uplink interference in TDD 5G and LTE networks –

The new Field Master Spectrum Analyzer software helps measure uplink interference in TDD networks.

As 5G network deployment and densification accelerates, performance degradation due to uplink interference in Time Separation Duplex (TDD) networks will become a prevalent issue.

In this context, Anritsu has just delivered a new software version for its Field Master spectrum analyzer for LTE and 5G, which offers the ability to measure uplink interference in TDD networks to identify the cause.

The new software thus provides dual visualization of the LTE or 5G frame structure with automatic positioning of gates at uplink locations along the locations’ RF spectrum over time.

The manufacturer emphasizes that it is important that the frame slot format is the same for all network operators within a country and ideally across international borders. The new uplink interference measurement feature therefore supports configurations for formats recommended by international standards bodies, including GSMA, ITU-R and ECC/CEPT.

Finally, remember that 5G and LTE measurements are options for the Field Master Pro MS2090A portable spectrum analyzer, which covers the FR1 and FR2 frequency bands, and for the Field Master MS2080A only for the FR1 band.

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