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Android 14 QPR1 has been available for a few days and gives us a nice overview of what to expect in the final version. The program includes a repair mode to protect your data, the ability to change the aspect ratio of your applications and the traditional interface improvements.

We’ll have to wait a few more days until we finally get our hands on Android 14, whose development is obviously a bit behind. Rumors are now circulating that predict a deployment for October 4th on the occasion of the presentation of the Pixel 8. Google hasn’t confirmed the information yet, but has given us something that keeps us waiting a little longer.

This week the Android 14 QPR1 beta is available on compatible smartphones. This is also a surprise since the update is scheduled to arrive much later in the year, but either way, it gives us a nice look at what to expect with the final version. Thanks to our colleagues at 9to5Google, whose screenshots we used, we now have a comprehensive list of the operating system’s new features.

Everything new in the Android 14 QPR1 update

Repair mode to protect your data

Google is based on the Samsung Galaxy’s maintenance mode and has its own repair mode. Specifically, the aim is to create a new empty partition when sending the smartphone in for repair, instead of resetting it to the factory settings, as is currently necessary. More details in this article.

Applications continue to run even in folded mode

A new option has appeared in the Pixel Fold settings that allows you to continue using an application, but when it is folded. When enabled, the application open at the time of withdrawal will automatically appear on the external screen, eliminating the need to open it a second time. The option is in Settings > Screen > Lock Screen.

The ability to configure the aspect ratio for each application

Since the Settings > Application > Aspect Ratio (Option name in French must be confirmed), it is possible to configure the size displayed on the screen of each application. The user can choose to display it in full screen, half screen or 16:9 format. A feature that will be particularly useful on the Pixel Fold.

New search options for the Pixel Launcher

Google has slightly changed the name of every option in its Pixel Launcher’s settings and added a new one: Search Suggestions. These display a selection of contacts, settings and more before you even have to enter anything. It is also possible to configure a shortcut to an application or site where the search is performed.

More details about battery status

By leaving Settings > About phone > Battery informationIt is now possible to know the date of manufacture of your battery as well as the number of cycles it has completed.

Small interface changes

We also notice small design improvements, such as a new quick settings background that better highlights each option, or even new particle effects when changing the wallpaper. A new design for the Metro clock is also available.

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Source: 9to5Google