Amazon’s Luna controller is natively compatible with iPhone, Mac and Apple TV – iGeneration

Amazon recently launched its Luna cloud gaming service in France, and the accompanying controller is currently offered for 40 euros instead of 70 euros. And this high-quality controller is natively compatible with Apple devices.

The controller has an asymmetrical layout (like on the Xbox), with the left stick placed higher than the right stick. It’s pretty complete, with all standard buttons and pressure-sensitive triggers. To use it on an Apple device, you need to insert the two included batteries – the controller has no internal battery – turn it on by pressing the middle button for 3 seconds and put it into pairing mode by pressing the action button (placed on the left). next to the middle button) and 🅱️ for 5 seconds. Once connected via Bluetooth, the controller will be recognized in applications that use Apple APIs. In games, all buttons work except the button that calls Alexa, Amazon’s assistant.

The controller with subtle purple accents.

Although the controller can be connected via a wired connection (via USB-C), it is not compatible with Apple devices in this mode and is not recognized as an “MFi” (Made For iPhone) controller. It should also be noted that the jack socket located on the bottom of the controller cannot be used in Bluetooth, but it is recognized perfectly in USB-C with an integrated USB DAC (16 bit/48 kHz).

A testing tool shows native compatibility.

Nevertheless, the Amazon controller for 40 euros is a good product that is well supported on iOS. It’s well made, feels solid, and the choice of batteries instead of an internal battery can be seen as an advantage (or a flaw, opinions vary). Of course, given the public price, the observation is less obvious, but like many of the Seattle giant’s products, it should be on sale regularly. And, by the way, it is convenient for taking advantage of the cloud gaming service.

A look at Luna, Amazon’s cloud gaming service, now available in France