IFTS has developed state-of-the-art porometers that integrate advanced technologies for the precise characterization of membranes in various fields such as tertiary water treatment, the biomedical sector and scientific research. This innovation is essential to analyze the structure and function of membranes in detail. The IFTS Fluid-Fluid Porometer is a high-tech laboratory device for measuring pore size distribution up to 4 nm at very low pressure. It is ideal for analyzing various porous materials such as hollow fibers, planar organic membranes, ceramic membranes and cartridges. Its capabilities include determining average pore diameter, studying pore size distribution, measuring solvent permeability, and evaluating bubble point and droplet point.


Two types of tests are carried out with the fluid/liquid porometer: gas-liquid tests, liquid-liquid tests

Principle of the gas-liquid test

A gas is injected into a wet filter medium. The gas pressure is increased and the porometer then measures the differential pressure of the medium as well as the flow rate of the gas flowing through the medium.

Principle of the liquid-liquid test

The filter medium is soaked with test liquid No. 1. The pressure of the No. 2 test liquid is increased and the porometer then measures the differential pressure of the medium as well as the flow rate of the No. 2 liquid flowing through the medium.


Discover our advanced membrane characterization porometer – an important advantage for your industrial and scientific needs! • Precise analysis: Accurate measurement of pore size, distribution and membrane permeability. Ideal for a variety of applications, from water treatment to biomedical research.

• Filtration Optimization: Improve water treatment processes with our Porometer, which is crucial for selecting the most efficient membranes for irrigation and wastewater recycling.

• Research and Innovation: An essential tool for laboratories and research centers dedicated to filtration and separation.

• Industrial quality control: Ensure the performance and longevity of your membranes with fast and reliable analysis, essential for quality control in production.

• Increased Efficiency: Increase productivity through accurate assessments, reduce downtime and improve operational efficiency.

• Commitment to the environment: Contribute to the sustainable use of water resources with optimized membranes.

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