A tool for recognizing images created by DALL-E 3 | were generated by RCI – Radio-Canada.ca

OpenAI CTO Mira Murati mentioned working on this technology during Tuesday’s Tech Live event hosted by The Wall Street Journal.

The tool – which is still being tested internally – would make it possible to determine with almost 99% accuracy whether an image of DALL-E 3 (new window) has been created, the on-site technical manager said.

However, Murati did not provide any information about a release plan for the detection tool but promises to provide more information soon.

There are other tools

Google has already announced the implementation of new features (new window) that will make it easier for Internet users to determine whether a photo was created by artificial intelligence. This includes the addition of an “About Image” button that provides contextual information about its creation, such as the date it was uploaded or whether it has already been identified as fake by the media. Press.

The Californian giant also labels images created with the artificial intelligence software AI Midjourney or with the Shutterstock image database.

OpenAI recently removed from ChatGPT (new window) a small “regenerate answer” notice at the end of its generated texts, which made it easier to identify artificial intelligence-generated and unmodified essays. Line.

According to the decryptors, the tool also reformulated certain sentences, such as AI with artificial intelligence or even as AI language model with artificial intelligence, to adopt more mundane formulas.

The company reiterated in January 2023 (new window) by introducing a recognition tool that it was impossible to reliably recognize all texts written with artificial intelligence.