A petition to save Windows 10 – and prevent millions of PCs from being thrown away – CCM

An association has just launched an online petition to call on Microsoft to extend support for Windows 10. And to avoid having to throw away millions of working computers that cannot be updated to Windows 11 or 12.

We know that Windows 10 is doomed. Microsoft has officially announced that its operating system will no longer receive security updates from October 2025, which will make it practically unusable as it will no longer be protected against new threats. Since January 2023, the publisher has even taken it out of its distribution network (see our article) to stop distribution. While it waits for its burial, Windows 10 is only entitled to various fixes, even if, despite its big announcements (see our article), Microsoft still sometimes offers it new features, undoubtedly to maintain its great tradition of confusion …

End of Windows 10: Forced switch to Windows 11

This ending was obviously expected: Windows 10 was released in 2015 and will have “lived” for ten years before being “unplugged”. And Microsoft is doing everything it can to make way for its successor, Windows 11, which will be released at the end of 2021. A logical and well-known cycle in the world of operating systems.

Except everything didn’t go as planned. Because Microsoft sets too strict and still incomprehensible hardware requirements for Windows 11, which make most old PCs incompatible, many users were unable or unwilling to make the leap to the latest PC. And “grandpa” Windows 10 is fighting back. Among many people who do not want to change their computer to install a system that does not bring anything really new – yes, we repeat, Windows 11 remains a slightly redesigned Windows 10, with a modernized interface but without a functional revolution – , but also for professionals and companies who don’t feel like renewing their PC fleets to install Windows 11 when everything works perfectly under Windows 10. No insult to Microsoft, which has not shied away from its efforts to push through Windows 11, the success is still there. And like Windows XP and Windows 7 before it, Windows 10 also pleases its users, especially because it is stable and clean.

But if the resistance continues for a few more months, what will happen in 2025 when Windows 10 will no longer be functional? Most people obviously won’t be able to upgrade to Windows 11 with their incompatible PCs. And even less for Windows 12, its successor, which will be released at the end of 2024! Should we throw all these computers in the trash even though they are still physically usable?

PIRG petition: a reprieve for Windows 10

To combat this technologically and ecologically absurd perspective, PIRG has just launched an amazing online petition. This American association for the defense of the public interest has actually decided to challenge Microsoft by asking the publisher to reverse its decision and extend the lifespan of Windows 10 to avoid losing the millions of PCs running Windows 10 , are scrapped and are basically no longer available. Upgrade to Windows 11 is not possible. Here is the original text, written in a very American style.

“Dear Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella,

Don’t throw away millions of computers. Microsoft’s decision to end support for Windows 10 could cause the largest increase in the number of discarded computers and prevent Microsoft from meeting its sustainability goals. The strict hardware requirements of the new version of their operating system could result in 40% of the PCs in use falling behind.

Microsoft’s decision to end support for millions of working computers in our hospitals, businesses and homes is a bad deal for customers who expect long lifespans from their expensive devices.

All software reaches a point where it is no longer supported, but when the impact on our environment is so great, we should not accept it.”

1699419033 953 A petition to save Windows 10 – and prevent millions

PIRG points out that a large number of users cannot afford to upgrade or change their hardware to Windows 11. The organization is concerned not only about the financial impact on individuals and businesses, but also the environmental impact when these least compatible PCs end up in landfills…

Of course, we can only welcome this initiative by suggesting that Microsoft extend the lifespan of Windows 10 or relax the restrictions on Windows 11 – let’s not forget that Windows XP was entitled to updates for thirteen years, which is largely due to its “legend.” “was involved. . Otherwise, it should be borne in mind that thanks to lightweight distributions, Linux can perfectly replace Windows, even on old PCs. However, this system is not a universal solution, especially for companies that use enterprise software developed for Windows. We don’t know if Microsoft will heed this call to “save Win 10” – sorry, but it was too tempting! We simply regret that it is impossible to sign the petition online from France or Europe: the form was intended only for Americans due to an unfortunate zip code. Nerd!