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Sony WH-1000 MX4 headphones: a technological gem

You don’t have to buy AirPods Max to listen to your music or podcasts with very high sound quality. There are alternatives with excellent value for money such as the Sony WH-1000 MX4 headphones. We no longer need to introduce the Japanese manufacturer that has been offering high-quality, high-tech devices for decades. It is flawless with Sony WH-1000 MX4 headphones which delivers exceptional sound quality with powerful bass and clear highs. It’s very simple, that Sony WH-1000 MX4 headphones will make you rediscover your favorite music. Very efficient, that Sony WH-1000 MX4 headphones Thanks to the noise reduction mode, you can fully immerse yourself in your audio content. Once the function is activated, you will no longer hear outside noise. You can then focus on the lyrics of the series, music or podcast you are listening to. Practical, that Sony WH-1000 MX4 headphones immerses you in your audio content without disconnecting you from reality. When you start a conversation with someone, it detects this and automatically goes into pause mode. It also automatically stops when you remove it and automatically resumes the process when you put it back on your ears. To round out its benefits, the Sony WH-1000 MX4 headphones offer you a battery life of 30 hours on a full charge. Enough to keep you happy without charging in between. It’s simple: the Sony WH-1000 MX4 headphones are simply perfect and are in no way inferior to their more expensive competitors.

Save €46 on the price of the Sony WH-1000 MX4 headphones at Coolblue

Normally sold for 245 euros, the Sony WH-1000 MX4 headphones already offer very good value for money. With Coolblue’s advertising it is extraordinary. The high-tech and household appliance specialist is currently offering the Sony WH-1000 MX4 headphones at a bargain price of 199 euros instead of 245 euros or a 46 euro discount.. A Bluetooth headset of this quality at this price is a good deal that shouldn’t be missed.

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