A demo for Divine Frequency, a horror retro FPS – NoFrag

We told you about it during Realms Deep 2023 earlier this month. Divine Frequency is a standalone game under GZDoom, originally planned as a mod of DOOM 2. Significantly more horror-oriented than its original base, it offers a fairly dark gaming universe, bloody and completely absurd. It probably also contains small details of an immersive simulation. For example, you have to manage your inventory and choose the items you want to keep, and you can choose your “class” from three different ones, with different skills that you can improve.

Despite the retro look with its large pixels, the graphic filter is quite successful. It looks more or less like VHS, with saturations towards red. The levels are a bit labyrinthine, but not uninteresting. You’ll probably need to spend a little time before you fully understand how they fit together. As for the weapons, it’s very nice: there’s certainly not a lot of ammo, but the weapons have tremendous recoil and great sound design that gives a sense of power, whether it’s the gun or the shotgun. We can also crush our opponents’ skulls into raspberry jelly with our fists. Enemies die by exploding in very satisfying showers of blood, which adds to that feeling of power. In short, a very nice demo that will delight fans of retro FPS and horror.

If you are interested in Divine Frequency, you can check out the demo on the Steam page and add it to your wishlist.