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Hisense BSA66346PBGWIFI

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For several years now, built-in ovens have been equipped with numerous features that make life in the kitchen easier: steam nozzles, cooking assistant, temperature sensor, connection to a smartphone… All of these extras obviously increase the price. Bill and The best equipped models are sold at prohibitive prices, often well above the symbolic limit of 1,000 euros.

Hisense bi66346pdbgwifi

It’s better to like black…


The Hisense BSA66346PBGWIFI built-in oven belongs to this extremely equipped product category. It therefore includes a cooking assistant with 22 recipes. Thanks to this, all you have to do is select a preparation and the amount of cooking so that the oven automatically determines the most suitable cooking method (natural convection, pulsed heat, etc.) as well as the temperature and duration of the process. In addition, Hisense has equipped its new spearhead with real nozzles that generate steam during cooking to maintain the tenderness of meat cooked in the oven and facilitate the formation of a crispy crust on baked goods.

Connectivity finally makes sense?

As the name suggests, the BSA66346PBGWIFI can be connected to a smartphone equipped with the manufacturer’s application. You will then have a remote control panel to adjust the cooking parameters from your phone and various advantages such as downloading new recipes, detailed monitoring of electricity consumption or even easy access to the manufacturer’s customer service and a digital user manual: let us point out that Most connected ovens offer the same functions.

Hisense bi66346pdbgwifi

We can clearly see the water tank opening (top right) and the fan at the bottom of the cavity.


The Hisense BSA66346PBGWIFI uses forced heat; In the very large 77 liter case, the roof (top) and bottom (bottom) resistances are supported by an annular resistance at the bottom of the cavity surrounding a fan responsible for even heat distribution. The special shape of the muffle, which is rounded at the top and is inspired by bread ovens, should make things even better. In addition to the cooking assistant, Hisense offers a manual mode that allows the user to select one of 23 available cooking modes; Pulse heat, grill, natural convection… If we refer to the technical sheet, the manufacturer has provided a pizza mode that allows increasing the temperature up to 300 ° C; This is not so often the case with a classic oven.

As we can see, Hisense seems to have pulled out all the stops with the BSA66346PBGWIFI. However, the entrance fee is not that high as it does not exceed €800. Many other models with less powerful technical specifications reach this price.

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