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Secure all your online activities with the protection of Ivacy VPN. Capable of countering all cyber threats, this VPN also allows you to change your location to unblock hidden content on your favorite streaming platforms and much more…

High download speed, unlimited bandwidth, protection against malware and malware… Ivacy VPNVPN offers numerous security tools for Internet users. Responsive and efficient, this VPN will delight you with its advantageous price-performance ratio and its numerous features. This service is suitable for computers, tablets, tablets and smartphones with Android, iOSiOS, Windows and LinuxLinux operating systems and can also be used to back up your smart TV, router or even your gaming console. They also have a dedicated Kodi application. With a single Ivacy subscription, you can protect up to ten connections at once. Offering very low latency and high speeds, Ivacy VPN operates discreetly without impacting your online experience or increasing the length of your downloads. The Ivacy VPN is available starting at 90 cents per month and offers a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Ivacy VPN: an essential tool to ensure your cybersecurity

Ivacy protects you from the numerous threats on the Internet and especially helps you combat malware and unwanted advertising. This service also blocks DDoSDDoS attacks as well as IPv6IPv6 and DNSDNS leaks. If you regularly connect to public Wi-Fi networks, you’ll be relieved to know that your new VPN is protecting your personal information. These sensitive elements are also not recovered by Ivacy as the brand has a data non-retention policy. Even your ISP can’t know about your activity, allowing you to bypass government ISP restrictions. To make you completely anonymous on the web, the VPN tunnel used by Ivacy is based on highly secure military-grade 256-bit encryption and protocols such as TCP, UDP, L2TP and IKEV.

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Change your location to unlock content and offers

The Ivacy VPN network consists of more than 5,700 servers in more than 100 locations. By changing the location of your devices as you wish, you can benefit from several benefits. In particular, you can access blocked content from the most popular streaming platforms, including Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video. On the other hand, if you travel to another country, you can still watch your favorite shows with French subtitles. Playing with your location will also allow you to access certain cinema films that will take some time to be officially accessible on SVOD in France. You can also watch several sports competitions for free while enjoying access to foreign channels. For your flight tickets and hotel stays, test different locations to find the most attractive rates. In fact, prices charged by comparison providers and other travel sites may vary depending on currency or location.

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Benefit from Ivacy VPN protection now

Subscribe to Ivacy immediately and benefit from a limited time offer valid for the 5-year subscription at 90 cents per month. Internet users who want to take out an annual subscription must pay 3.26 euros per month. If you want a monthly subscription, your bill will be 9.27 euros. Whichever plan you choose, you’ll have access to all of Ivacy’s tools, most notably a circuit breaker that can block your connection in the event of a vulnerability in your VPN. You are also free to choose a dedicated IP address and whitelist it to prevent access to your personal and work accounts. Ivacy also offers a separate tunnel option that allows you to change location in multiple locations at once.

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