90′ Investigations – Lego, Barbie, Corolle, Playmobil: Behind the scenes of our favorite toys – MYTF1

This is the unexpected success of the summer of 2023: The film “Barbie” triggered an incredible “Barbie mania” worldwide and boosted sales even at their peak: one is sold every two seconds! The famous California-born blonde doll is celebrating her 60th birthday. We examined its creators in Los Angeles to uncover the secret to its incredible longevity. In total, more than 220 million toys are sold in France every year. Lego enthusiasts, Playmobil addicts, what are the secrets of these brands that have made us dream for several generations? To find out, we were able to take an exclusive look behind the scenes of these international giants. Let’s first go to Denmark, where the world market leader in toys has exceptionally opened the doors of its factories to us. More than 5 million copies of the famous plastic brick are produced here every hour. You will understand how a battalion of robots and an army of designers managed to conquer the hearts of children… but also those of their parents! Also discover the madness surrounding the Playmobil brand. It measures just 7.5 centimeters exactly and yet it is also a giant toy. Created in Germany in the 1970s, the little guy awakens passions at all ages. And today it is exhibited in the most prestigious places in the republic. Again, you will see that this is no coincidence. Eventually we were interested in a competitor to the Barbie doll, but it was very French. The little Corolle, which smells of vanilla, now takes up a third of the doll’s corridors. It has been passed down from mother to daughter since 1979. There is an amazing marketing strategy behind this success story.