80% of Lenovo devices will be user-repairable by 2025-01net

Whether they like it or not, electronic device manufacturers must embrace the right to repair. Laws are being prepared in the United States and Europe to force them to act. Lenovo has decided to pursue the appeal.

The best defense is still attack. Instead of being restricted by laws here and there in the world, Lenovo announced that “more than 80% of our devices can be repaired at the customer’s site, by the customer, or through the distribution channel.”said Luca Rossi, President of the manufacturer’s Intelligent Devices Group. The company wants to achieve this goal with an “ease of maintenance” approach.

An ecological necessity

No more batteries, SSD storage and many other elements that are soldered and not replaceable in Lenovo products. On the contrary, these components will be “accessible so that the customer can carry out repairs at home, significantly reducing waste,” he adds.

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Lenovo, the world’s leading PC manufacturer, has a pretty good reputation when it comes to repairability. The products are generally quite easy to repair. Unlike Macs, which Apple is increasingly locking down (RAM, storage, GPU, etc.), it shouldn’t be too complicated for Lenovo to fulfill its part of the right-to-repair contract. However, we’ll have to see if this goodwill really extends beyond PCs, as the manufacturer also owns Motorola.

The ecological emergency will prompt the European Union to tighten the screw so that smartphones and other high-tech devices last longer. In mid-June, the European Parliament voted on a text requiring batteries to be easy to remove and replace.

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Source: The Register